100% Sprint Carding TUT

  1. Go to Zillow.com or realtor.com
  2. Look for houses listed for sale
  3. Normally fresh listings
  4. Go thru the pictures to make sure they are fully empty
  5. Now Go to Whitepages.com and enter the empty adress for there
  6. It wil show you the people who live there or might have lived there
  7. Pick a name normally 1st – 3rd on the adress
  8. Check the fone numbers to make sure
  9. The person has no sprint
  10. You are good to go !
  11. Copy the name to findme.pm and search for the ssn there
  12. You are good to Go
  13. Enter sprint
  14. Select any device
  15. Check out
  16. Enter The SSN details
  17. If the SSN is good
  18. You wil proceed to number set up and payment . Buy zipcc of the empty house and pay
  19. If you are able to pay online
  20. Wait for ebil
  21. Then call and add the remaining 4 lines
  22. 2 first and add another 2 while stil on the Fone !
  23. If the SSn not good you willl see a yellow interface telling you “additional processing required “
  24. Clear cookies and search New SSN
  25. Repeat until your ssn pass
  26. Goodluck

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