Amazon Social Engineering Trick!

1.Choose something you want to buy something from Amazon. Let’s​say you want a digital camera, add one to your cart.

​2. Now, when you have selected whatever you want (I recommend 1​to 3 items) go and search for ink or nail polish.

​3. Now, add the ink or nail polish into your cart.​

4. Now, you can add more than one, but I usually go with one or​two. Now, checkout using a payment method.

​5. Within a day or two, your package should arrive. Now, this is​where the social engineering comes in.​

6. Call up Amazon (you can also use the live chat, but calling​is faster and easier) and tell them something along these lines.​

“Hi, my name is _______​I recently purchased _______ and _______ and there was {ink/nail
polish} spilled all over my​polish} spilled all over my _______ (other item you purchased;
i.e camera)
The package for my​i.e camera)​The package for my ______ was stained and my {ink/nail polish}
{spilled everywhere/cracked/exploded}.
How am I supposed to gift the item now? Is there anything you
can do?
Regards.​{spilled everywhere/cracked/exploded}.​How am I supposed to gift the item now? Is there anything you​can do?​Regards.​_____​Example Message:​Hi, my name is ____​I recently purchased a Kindle Fire HD and some nail polish for​my nieces’ birthday. The nail polish arrived cracked and all​over the Kindle’s packaging.​I really don’t know how this could have happened, but how am I​supposed to gift it? I had to go buy another Kindle and nail​polish from Target.​Regards,​____​.

​7. It’s that easy! They will ask for your order number, be nice​and answer their questions. Remember, you’re the “customer”​8. They will say that they will resend it and apologize. Say​that you already bought another one or you want a refund. They​will credit your account.

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