Argyle Coin Founder Accused In US $ 25 Million Fraud

South Florida federal prosecutors have indicted a 51-year-old Washington DC resident on fraud charges. According to a press release from the Ministry of Justice, he created a financial pyramid. And launched an allegedly diamond-backed cryptocurrency asset.


From 2014 to 2019, Jose Angel Aman and his accomplices offered investors from the United States. And Canada to invest in the purchase of rough diamonds. Subsequently, they were allegedly cut and resold at a premium.

Also, The organizers of the scheme argued that the deal was highly profitable and safe. The investment was secured by Aman’s diamond reserves for $ 25 million. Interest was paid from the money of new participants in the scheme.

Also, As the cycle began to break down, Aman began looking for funds for Argyle Coin. He presented the project as a cryptocurrency asset backed by diamonds. And, the American paid the funds invested in it to early investors as interest.

“With the help of the Ponzi scheme, Aman and his associates raised more than $ 25 million from hundreds of investors. He used the money to pay interest, pay business expenses, pay commissions to partners and maintain his own luxurious lifestyle , ”the report said.


Furthermore, In May 2019, the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida granted a request from the Securities and. Exchange Commission (SEC) for a temporary restraining order and freezing of the assets of Aman and Argyle Coin.

Then the SEC reported that structures associated with Aman misappropriated more than $ 10 million. With the funds of investors, the man rented a house, bought horses and paid for riding lessons for his son.

Recall that in September, the organizer of the BitClub Network mining pool, Joseph Frank Abel. Pleaded guilty to fraud worth $ 722 million. For this crime and tax fraud, he faces imprisonment and heavy fines.

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