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Bashkiria police wants to cooperate with volunteer hackers

Bashkiria’s police are ready to cooperate with “white” hackers and programmers in solving Internet crimes. Oleg Oleinik, Deputy Minister – Head of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal. Affairs of the Republic of Bashkortostan, announced the plans to involve civilian volunteers-experts.

At the press conference, the Major General of Justice said that the department was working with the Regional. Center of the Volunteer Movement and that the police had work to cooperate with student programmers. This is about searching for information about scammers who specialize in cyber scams. In recent years, such crimes in Bashkiria have become many times greater. Also, As previously wrote, 2,500 criminal cases of fraud were initiated in 2018, 6,300 in 2019. And 6,500 cases have already been opened in seven months of 2020.

Also, Temporal ispolnyayuschy obyazannosti Head of Treasury Division Po disclosure moshennichestv obscheugolovnoy. Napravlennosti and theft, with sovershaemyh ispolzovaniem informatsionno-telekommunikatsionnyh tehnology. Department ugolovnogo rozyska MIA RB Marat Guzairov in svoyu ochered podcherknul chto politsiya gotova sotrudnichat and of. IT-kompaniyami kotorye hotyat bring poryadok online.

And. In the words of the police chief, crime flourishes on DarkNet). They not only “leak” databases, but also sell weapons and drugs, and disseminate pornography.


“It’s no secret that counter-legal activities begin in closed messengers and chats, on DarkNet platforms. Internet sites that were blocked by Roskomnadzor, but which can be accessed through special programs,” comments. According to our information, young people are already wandering from the school bench on these Internet spaces. So, If hackers and programmers, who are not indifferent to this topic. And stand on the side of the law, conveyed information to us, it would be a great help. “

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, following a meeting of the department’s board, made a decision. Create new units to combat cybercrime. “The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Kolokoltsev, following the results of today’s meeting of the board. Decided to create units within the structure of the ministry that will specialize.. In combating crimes committed using IT technologies,” Volk said.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Reported about the lack of budgetary funds to combat cybercrime. The ministry takes into account the rapidly developing methods of cybercriminals. Creates countermeasures programs, but new investments will be required for their effectiveness.

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