Everyone knows that, you want to buy Alcohol or other 18+ shit from Amazon and ur maybe not 18 or the acc u somehow found isnt verified yet.

Well WE know that sells a lot of Alcohol dont know about the others but WE think the Age Restriction is also for Vaporizers. 

So what you have to do. Find ur item and but it in the basket. After that press on Checkout and choose ur shipping adress and ur payment method. When Amazon for example on asks for “NEUER DEUTSCHER PASS AB 2011” you can simply go to and copy the “Ausweisnummer”. For Example in my Case it”s ” 2807560178<<D<<9412088<2412089<<<<<<<6″ Amazon asks you to fill 3 Textboxes.

Use this Part for Textbox1
Use this Part for Textbox2
Use this Part for Textbox3

After that click on confirm or what ever it says. Voila ur item will be shipped out. 

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