Bypass Paypal error Message.

Sorry but your payment could not be processed at this time. Please return to merchant..

Keep getting this??

Not got a clue why??

Follow this guide and things will be better!

Step 1

Clean you PC.
Download CC Cleaner and make sure you wipe all the cache and cookies from your machine inc FLASH.
Wipe Free space
Make sure you do 35x Pass

Step 2

Download User Agent switcher for Firefox
Link below

or google it

Download and install

Step 3

Open CMD and type
Ipconfig /release
Ipconfig /renew
Ipconfig /flushdns

To clear you ip and DNS cache

step 4

Open Firefox and in Tools you should now see a tab called Default User Agent

Open the tap and select iphone 3.0 as the user agent

Step 5

Find a CLEAN and LOCAL Socks5 Not HTTP, Not Socks4 MUST BE 5 and MUST be clean. Make sure and check if the Socks is blacklisted

Step 6

Now log into the paypal you wish to use from
and KEEP IT OPEN in a new tab
then Buy what you want.
Click checkout and you should Bypass any errors

If you still get this error I recommend Spoofing your MAC address

Hope this helps.

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