lets get a list going of easily carded webs for the noobs to try out there trade

Any visa CC same bill/ship DONT use Mastercard as got 3d sec but not VBV !!!!
stupid a know !!!!
Dont go over 100gbp on first order or it cancel automatic (including postage) also chose regular shipping not express
Reorder soon as ya got tracking drop will last a few orders !!!
Orders over 100gbp go thru after the first one using MC better and non 3d sec cards
Use any NON VBV UK CC same bill/ship
Easy done upto 1k on here no probz at all (use high end bins)
Use UK CC ship to drop using proper billing
no VBV on the site
Will email ya to comfirm the addresses reply and order is shipped
delivered from usa so ya have to pay customs tax (use any cc phone UPS)
from here ya can card shipping labels ……………………..also shipping taxes can be paid via the phone !!!
ANY CC at all
billing use the address ya item is going to be picked up fromZ

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