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Carding via Phone – How To Disguise Your Voice

I have been using this method for carding via phone for some years now and it has worked perfectly.
Because I care about my security, I do not wish to have my own voice recorded while purchasing high-end items so I simply use a program called “Natural Reader” that enables you to type any text and get natural sounding voice saying it.

You have to have all or at least some mp3s saved with questions/answers that they might ask you – this is all self-explanatory, extra work is needed.
Play the mp3s over the VoIP (best way) when calling. You can also mention you have delay in conversation so in case the person on the other line asks you question you do not have ready answer ,to give you time to type it fast and play it to them. Remember to get all your CVV/Fullz details voiced and ready to play it to them.

Natural Reader:
1. Install Setup.exe
2. write your text or copy text to the software
3. take output as mp3 for use
Enjoy !

If you like the software, do buy it.
The file does not seem to be packed with anything but just in case, always run unknown files in virtual machines + sandbox !
Happy Carding.

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