Always use RDP, SOCKS or VIP72 client or Proxifier on RDP.
On Windows:

Delete your DNS Cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /flushdns
Release your cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /release
Renew your IPV4 or cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /renew
Method #1:

Step 1: First go to and register there. Put only mail address and
captcha. Use hotmail or gmail for better result. Then a window will tell you your
User ID, Password and Master Key, save them on a text file. Do not lose this info!

Step 2: Next step is to confirm your mobile number; you can use your own mobile
number or any text-receiving number.

Step 3: Now comes the main part.
Scroll to the top. On the menu click “Add”.
Then choose your preferable payment method, “Visa /Mastercard” (note: use USA
socks for see that payment option available). Otherwise can use EU bank logins
using preferable socks to topup Payeer wallet. And make sure your wallet is SMS

Step 4: Now enter your card info’s or bank login (if you select Intl. Wire Transfer
or Bank transfer ). Be careful Payeer is VBV/masterpass protected site, try to
make use of Non-VBV or best BIN.

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