Check ccv

i use this for all my australian ccvs to make sure they are valid, the site is from the largest telco down under.

all you do is make a 1cent transaction and it will approve the payment meaning the ccv is valid.
no flags are brought up as aussie ccvs and aussie transaction.

you can use many account numbers i have included a few below

89–88–56–06–000–224 (without “–“)
90–89–35–79–000–169 (without “–“)
92–75–19–58–000–101 (without “–“)
92–87–21–04–000–171 (without “–“)
93–27–78–96–000–164 (without “–“)
93–32–09–43–000–196 (without “–“)
93–54–55–49–000–116 (without “–“)


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