Data of 200 million Twitter and Weibo users leaked to the Network

The data leak has occurred due to incorrect configuration of Elasticsearch servers

An information base containing in excess of 200 million records of clients of Twitter. And Weibo microblogging administrations was found on the Web. This was accounted for by the wire channel “Information Leaks”.

The data is a parsing of social network profiles and in fact contains only the information. That users themselves have left about themselves. In the case of Twitter, 44,028,450 profiles were found, while Weibo found 164,575,053 profiles. The collected data is stored in a cluster of 21 servers. Currently, the collection and updating of data on the server continues.

The data leak was reportedly due to misconfiguration of Elasticsearch servers owned by the Chinese company CYYUN.

This is not the first major social media user data breach discovered this week. Earlier, Comparitech’s specialists discovered an unprotected database on the Web containing. About 235 million user profiles of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. The dataset contained information extracted from public profiles, including logins, full usernames. Contact information, images, statistics on the number of subscribers, data on age, gender, etc.

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