How to successfully make DNA Refund Method

DNA Refund Method. This lesson walks you through the DNA refund technique, which is likely the one that refund scammers utilize the most. If you’ve been employing other refund techniques, you want to either learn how DNA works or at the very least get better at it.

The DNA refund method entails utilizing the justification that “products did not come” in your complaint to persuade the seller to return the money you spent. Always check to see who is in charge of the service—the retailer, the delivery company, or the driver/courier.

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Introduction To DNA Refund Method:

We comprehend. You could be concerned that this won’t work out or that you’ll get jailed, but trust me when I say you won’t. The most of us have undoubtedly experienced the same issue, but you only need to have trust in us since this paper will thoroughly walk you through every stage of DNA’ing. This paper is the result of a collaborative effort by numerous members of the DNA community.

Terms Used For DNA refund Methods

DNA stands for “did not arrive.” This means claiming the product never arrived and getting a refund or replacement.

EB stands for “empty box.” This means claiming that the product came in an empty box.

ER stands for “empty return.” This means returning a clone or the same broken item back.

CNR stands for “can not return” and means adding a non-returnable product to the cart and claiming the entire parcel as damaged, therefore getting a refund.


Stores That Can Be Used For DNA Refund

There are several things you should know before you start your DNA or EB. The most important thing is that you understand that this will not work on all online stores. For a comprehensive list of stores and extra information, look at these links

(List 1)

  (List 2)

Remember to space out each DNA and don’t do too many of them in a row!

Useful Softwares Required To Complete a DNA Refund Fraud

Companies use various tactics to make this harder for us and to stop us from making new accounts. That’s why it’s recommended to use these various software.

  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

This software is used to hide your IP Address from the company in case they IP Ban you, use this when purchasing and if you want to be safe when you are browsing the website as well. Some VPNs include

  • OpenVPN
  • TunnelBear
  • VPNHotspot
  • PatronVPN
  • TurboVPN
  • And Tor (Tor is a browser that is focused on anonymity, encrypts your addresses and completely hides you )
  • A VCC (Virtual Credit Card)

A virtual credit card is a card you can use for purchasing that isn’t your actual credit card. This is useful in case the company blacklists your card. For US, use blur or, for UK, use Revolute.

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What are the risk involved (DNA Refund Method)

If the company catches on, your address, credit card, IP address, MAC address , and/or account may be blacklisted. In serious cases, if the amount taken is over the felony theft amount, prosecution is extremely rare. Too many DNAs may also result in the delivery company delivering to their closest location rather than your house.

Okay, so as some of you might have heard, Amazon has a flagging system. There are three flags you can receive, those will be automatically placed on your account by amazons fraud detection system. It’s a simple system really; let me break it down for you.

The Yellow Flag

This flag is automatically placed on your account after a refund higher than $100 is requested.

The Orange Flag

Okay, so imagine you’ve refunded a $100 item and you try to refund another item of lower cost or higher within a 7 day period of the first refund. That is when the orange flag is placed on your account. Once it’s there, your account automatically gets looked into by the Amazon CIS team. Those people are probably most educated out of the whole amazon support team and they will find all the links you to your other accounts which you may have left behind. If they determine that you constantly abuse their policies, they will blacklist the following:

  • your IP address
  • your Payment Card information (including the billing address),
  • your delivery address, 
  • your phone number 
  • and your browser information such as cookies and possibly your MAC address (some say that amazon can also see your MAC address but there is no proof as to whether this is true or not)

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The Red Flag

Amazons final and deadliest flag. So imagine you refunded more than one $100 item within a 7-day timeframe. Now, one of the two things can happen: 

  1. If your account was not linked to any other account closed for whatever reason, had lots of legit orders and was relatively old, the CIS team will send you an email notifying you that they’ve noticed a high amount of returns/refunds on your account. Treat this as a warning; wipe the account clean and open a fresh one but make sure to open it from a brand new IP. I recommend creating it from a different computer altogether due to the fact that it’s unclear whether they can actually see your MAC address or not. You can also spoof it but that is for you to research. 
  1. If your account was found to be linked to any other account closed for abuse of policies, you will automatically be blacklisted. What this means is that Amazon will close any account containing the information you have used on your closed account.

USPS/FedEx/UPS/Shipping Companies: Warnings and Flags (Credit to sicurri#6442)

So, when you first DNA, it will set off an initial flag that the package didn’t arrive, and it’s basically just to mark that its occurred before. This will also flag your address for the package carrier as well. Amazon is one of the few companies that doesn’t rely on normal package carriers like UPS, USPS, DHL or Fedex though if there are no Amazon distribution centers nearby, they’ll use third party carriers.

However, most of their 3rd party package carriers have gotten into the habit of taking pictures of the package on your doorstep. Whether an Amazon package carrier/van delivers or not depends entirely on where you live, sometimes they don’t have a fulfillment center close enough to you to use their own, or a 3rd party package carrier. When not using Amazon however, and DNAing another company, you can tell by checking shipping costs on checkout who will be delivering your package, and can actually in a lot of cases choose preference as to who delivers it. 


When blacklisted by a shipping company they will still deliver the packages, just not to your house, they will deliver to the closest location they have, whether that’s a UPS store, or a UPS distribution center. When they do that, you need a government issued ID, and have to sign for it.

Same for FedEx, DHL, or USPS. When they blacklist you, there’s no DNAing it, it’s game over for that address, and name.

Precautions you can take:

Create new accounts, use new email addresses, use for credit card numbers if your in the U.S., otherwise use different Credit cards when switching accounts. Most importantly, use different addresses.  use different names or a different variation on your name. For example your name is John Smith, use Jon Smith, or J Smith, or Johnathan Smith, or misspell Smith as Smiht, or something like that. 

When doing addresses, if you can’t use someone else’s address to deliver your packages, sometimes the mail delivery system will use a different city name but still deliver to your address. For example 123 coconut street, Miami Gardens Florida 33301 is your address, it can still be delivered if you change it to 123 Coconut Street, Miami Florida 33301. Not a real address but it gives you the idea. For me, I live in a city near Ft Lauderdale Florida, if I put my city for 1 DNA, and put Ft. Lauderdale for another, it still comes to my house. 

You can also miss spell the address names as well. Use ST instead of Street, or whatever.


DNA Refund Method

A refund method is generally a method you use to get money back and still keep the ordered item. There are many methods for refund trick but DNA tends to be commonly used.

DNA method is a refund trick whereby you tell the company that the goods sent did not arrive. And, of course, DNA stands for “Did Not Arrive”. So, let’s say you ordered new Nike Air from the Nike store, after receiving the package, you wait for a while and then write the company “the Nike Air did not arrive”.

Nike is just an example. There are many online stores out there to run the DNA, including ASOS, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Amazon, Currys, Door-Dash method and more.

DNA is basically carrier-based, which makes it a really used method for refunds. Being carrier-based has its disadvantage as the carrier can be held for your complaint after investigations.

The problem here is that the driver risks losing their job over something they know nothing about. And this makes it somehow “ethically relevant” to make sure the driver is not indicted.

Meanwhile, Anthony Police is warning against this scam, so expect the delivery company to be suspicious.

Before the DNA trick, know these things

Before you run the DNA refund trick, note the following:

  • The item you order

Not all items are worth it to do with the DNA method. Thus, it is not true that DNA works for any item. You want to target or mark smaller items such as AirPods, jewelry, shoes, mobile phone, etc. These items are typically lightweight, and could also be run with a method like MI (missing item).

Suppose you run DNA on a full-sized $1,000 Bosch dishwasher. This is not excusable, and the company will really want to know how such a huge item never arrived.

Even the delivery man can come all out for you to make sure you swallow the lies back. In the case of larger items like this, or even really expensive stuff, you have to sign that you received the item. Signature is not always the case with common refund tricks on food and drink stores.

  • Know the party responsible for the loss

As I mentioned earlier, it is generally against refund rules to go after the deliveryman’s job. You do not want them to be responsible for the loss, so you must research the terms of the company.

Suppose you do the food ordering method. There are 2 parties involved here – the restaurant and the delivery service. Now, if you say the food did not arrive, who will cover for it? Is it the restaurant or the delivery company?

If the restaurant would be responsible, then you know what is up or not. If the delivery company is responsible for items that did not arrive, the deliveryman will also be questioned and somehow indicted in most cases.

A lot of times, the company reduces the deliveryman’s trust points, or even disengages their services if they are victims of DNA or other applicable methods too many times.

  • The carrier

If the company you want to run the refund scam outsources shipping services, then get to know the shipper. Amazon, Apple, etc., source other shipping services.  Suppose DHL is the shipper, you want to know how they operate, including their mode of delivery, signature, etc. Do your research on their shipping terms page via the website.

  • Signature

If you have to sign a signature upon delivery, this can thwart DNA. You want to provide a fake signature or scribble something that is not clear or close to your original signature.

How to do DNA refund method ( DNA Refund Method)

This section of the tutorial shows you how to do the DNA refund method successfully:

  1. Know what you want and pick a merchant

You do not need to want something to do DNA but get to decide what you really need. Besides, DNA is open to food, clothing, drinks, etc. orders.

Let’s say you want to order AirPods. the reason for picking a smaller item is to make the DNA excuse believable. We are not interested in those super large washing machines, and the likes listed on the website.

Suppose you want food or drinks. Food and drinks do not get you a large number of refunds at once. Nonetheless, they work more times than other items.

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  1. Understand the companies

Some DNA methods require dealing with multiple companies. Let’s say you want to order food from Uber Eats. There are 2 companies involved in the food and delivery process – the restaurant and Uber Eats.

The primary thing to look at is the terms that govern both companies in this relationship. Typically, the delivery company’s website you signed up on contains the information. Find out if the delivery or the merchant or store is responsible for DNA complaints.

If the merchant is, that means they get to cover the cost. You have to design the excuse in a way that vindicates the driver. Otherwise, the delivery company or shipper is.

  1. Collect the delivery

At this point, you are already aware of the company or companies that will deliver your order. Go ahead and place the order. When the item arrives the same day or some days after (depending), do not immediately complain to the company.

Suppose you ordered food. It will obviously arrive the same day. This means you wait a couple of minutes before you start the DNA refund process.

When the driver arrives, collect the package. Remember: no tipping the driver. Sign the booklet, if applicable to your order, with a random name and fake signature. The signature should look real enough, even when the deliveryman watches you signing. You could take some mins to practice a new signature for yourself, and stay consistent.

  1. Request a DNA refund

Write a simple typical customer complaint to the company indicating that your order never arrived. Your first complaint is to explain that you are still expecting the order and that it is taking too long

If the tracking ID shows “arrived”, your complaint needs to show that the system is indicating arrived despite not receiving the package.

You can write something like:

What is going on? My account shows “arrived” but I have checked around my apartment, and found nothing. Is this a glitch, a joke or something? I need my money back or will stop buying from this company and discourage others from doing so too. continue reading to learn more about DNA Refund Method

Keep the complaint consistent, even when the support gets back to you. Your whole complaint must be “did not arrive” and nothing else to show consistency.

  1. Get your refund or take your loss

The company will begin investigating your complaint as soon as the support informs the relevant department.

There are two expectations here – you get a refund or you lose. If you lose, take the L (lose) and move on. If it gets to a point where the company challenges you to write your bank for a chargeback before they can look into the case any further, withdraw.

Your bank also has to hear their side of the story before any chargeback, and you will not win.

  1. Rinse and repeat

In the end, whether you lose or successfully get a DNA refund, you simply rinse and repeat.

To rinse and repeat, you need an entirely different identity. Your name, address, phone number, etc. must be different, though you can use the same city.

You need a VPN. You also need a new card because these companies may have flagged your previous card. Start all over like a new customer and get more refunds, even amounting to thousands.


Q: Can my address be blacklisted for this?

A: Yes, it can but be careful and you’ll be fine


Q: Should I use a VCC?

A: It is definitely recommended


Q: Which method should I use?

A: DNA is usually the preferred method in most scenarios


Q: Should I use a VPN

A: Definitely, you should protect your IP


Q: How much can I take per haul?

A: Depends on the retailer, check the “Stores” list for more info. Amazon is usually good for anything >$500


Q: How often should I do this?

A: Once a month per address, don’t overdo it


Q: What if you have to sign?

A: Sign with a fake name and claim DNA, you can also EB but that’s not recommended


Q: What if a picture is taken of the package?

A: Believe it or not, a picture may actually be helpful sometimes. Just continue to claim DNA and say it wasn’t there. This can speedup the process since you can chat day of.


Q: Will my device deactivate if I DNA’d it?

A: No it should not, however, there have been reports of Amazon devices deactivating.


Q: If I order 2 items fulfilled by Amazon at the same time, will they come in one package?

A: Yes, they should


Q: What happens if I pay with an Amazon GC?

A: They will most likely refund you with gift card balance.