Easy way to get a .edu mail within 24 hours (unlimited google drive, office 365, etc) with pictures

  1. Go to this page http://www.orangecoa…Pages/home.aspx and click Apply Now.
  2. Click “Create an Account”
  3. Click Begin creating my account.
  4. Go to fakenamegenerator.com and sign in with google so you have access to the SSN
  5. Click Advanced Options and set age to 23-23
  6.  Create an email with the fake infos you got. (I recommend outlook its easy and doesn’t require verification)
  7. Tick I do not have a middle name on OpenCCC and Fill in all the infos with fakenamegenerator.com (Remember the Date of Birth, you will need it later) the click continue.
  8. use the email you created.
  9.  fill phone number with fakenamegenerator and leave 2nd phone number empty.
  10. go to google maps and search for Santa Monica, zoom into a house within the red area and click there.
  11.  Click the red box in the screenshot above and copy the address on the left hand side.

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