[payment proof] [exploit] earn lot of money using android phone [limited time ]

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This Exploit is for very limited time . They will fix it As soon as they realise this.

Follow steps carefully, don’t skip any step.

Step 1: Download Turbo VPN in playstore. Open app then connect it to US server. Do not proceed to step 2 without finishing step 1.
(Skip step 1 if you are in the US

2. Download this app


3. Launch the app. Redeem your first reward from the envelope. (Popup on homes screen)

4. Log in your gmail and facebook account and redeem more points and cash.

5.Set Your country to USA in app account to get RED envelope

Pm me if you have more questions.

Note :1.You can use any VPN which provides USA IP
2.Cash out through Paypal
3.You can Expand this process Using Xposed framework and Xprivacy Module.
4Use Parallel Space or app cloner Cracked version if you don’t have Xposed


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