1. Call support, say that you bought the shoes for your son, but the shoe was damaged. Make up some shitty reason.

2. They will mail you a box for you to put the shoes in and send them back.

3. Get some of your shoes, seal them in the box.

4. Act like you a fucking thief and just try to break into the box. Make it look like somebody just wanted to steal your shit on the way.

5. Take your shoes out and replace it with rocks that weigh similarly.

6. seal it up, but do a shitty job and make it look like you did it as quickly as possible.

7. Send the package.

8. After a few days, you might hear from Adidas. Call them for an update. If you are lucky, you might get the item, you might not. At least you tried and That’s all that counts!

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