Free hands-on sql injection secure coding lesson

If you are looking to try hands-on offensive and defensive security training with SQL injection. Then there is gotten something useful that you can try the training via:
An injection attack allows attackers to inject code into a program or query. Injection attacks come in many forms and we will explore both SQL Injection as well as Command Injection.
You use a browser and a web proxy. The proxy has the ability to stop all HTTP requests to the server
. So that they can be analyzed and modified before being sent to the server.
There are many proxies that can be downloaded and used for security testing
. But Burp Suite is one of the most used.
It comes with Kali Linux and a free-community version license is available. Our proxy works the same as Burp Suite with simpler functionality for this introduction lesson.

Try it now for free: HackEdu Demo

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