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Out of state cards w RDP or Socks5 is an old fashioned arrangement in 2020. However I pulled off a few thousands worth of Jordans from Nike and different items from apple around 2017. utilizing this arrangement just as a couple Major telephone sites.

The development of browser fingerprinting blacklisting suspicious mac addys (regardless of your fav shitty plug in “spoofer”. Mmajor sites checking for any proxy connections paired with a diff billing address. And other commonly overlooked OPSEC like computer time zone, User Agent etc makes this setup very outdated in 2020.

Cue all the dumbasses suggesting i should card a lower level shopify shop or other small biz…. Sure I could finesse 400 bucks worth of champion or some other shitty possibly lower level clothing. Or shoe site but is that really the goal? I’d much rather have 200 bucks worth of something from apple that could instantly be worth its. Value in one transaction versus hustling 30 champion tshirts with socks or RDP method.

Anyways to any noobs your highest success rate in 2020 with carding for any decent amount of money is going to b getting a burner phone and in state cards… I’ve even had great results getting e gift cards this way in the past. So next time you decide to claim “carding is dead” fuck yeah your right carding is dead. For uber eats champion or any other non “topshelf” ideal item for resale.

You essentially proved yourself right in that type of posting by indicating you don’t have the proper resources, finances, or “methods”. (god damn i hate that word lol)…. Maybe the same reason why i took my break…. haha. But anyways anybody who knows where a good cvv shop w pgp verified link or anyone you’d recomend. On dark or (white house or any other shop) DM me ill do a review of them

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