Free subway method not refunding

Here’s the method please note don’t do over 50$ there’s a higher risk you’ll get banned.


1. Create a Subway account with random email and random phone number. (be sure to use legit sounding names or it will not go through) Do this on your computer. Add you card payment info on computer and save it too. Make sure to use Paypal or a low balance vcc. Use Onevanilla or something that is valid for the payment method

2. Download version 8.4 of the subway app and install the app. (Keep app closed)

3. Put phone in airplane mode. Make sure to leave setting open so you can switch between the subway app and Settings

4. Open app, take out of airplane mode(turn back on wifi) and sign in.

5. Whenever it pops up the update thingy. Just go to the Google Play store and turn off automatic update. When ever the update pop up, just click update and click the back arrow button of your android phone quickly. You may have to do this a couple of times in order for it to go away.

6.go to the drinks on the menu find the highest priced drink(fountain drink: around $2) and add 500 (for $50) 1000 for ($100) of them to the cart. Remember to do only around $100 an account.

7. Place order and it will error out.

8. Press back button all the way to the main menu

9. You will see tokens get added. Log out of account and then back in 15mins to 1 hr later


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