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Free vps method for 1 year – no cc required

Today we will be showing you how you get your own VPS for 1 year, without a real Credit Card.
Don’t forget to share if it worked !
upon further investigation this needs a deposit of 3$ (sorry for misleading title)

VCC Setup:

  1. Setup here:
  2. Download Wirex on your Phone: Android….ls?id=com.wirex Or iPhone
  3. Login, over the app and make a free VCC (USE USD! NOT EUR!)
  4. Go back to e-coin and click on “send CVV”
  5. Now check your email for the VCC files. You will use them instead of a real CC.

VPS Setup:

  1. Sign up here:
  2. Use your VCC as Credit Card and complete all the information required
  3. Choose the nearest region to you
  4. Now you click on “EC2” (“Virtual Servers in the Cloud”)
  5. Click on the big blue button “Launch Instance”
  6. Choose “Free tier only” (left side of the site, under Community AMIs)
  7. Choose your favorite one and click on “Select”
  8. Make sure, you tick the right one, under the type will stand “Free tier eligible” in green.
  9. Go press on the big blue button “Review and Launch”
  10. Press again the blue button “Launch” and chose “Create a new key pair” (just name it how ever you would like to).
  11. Don’t forget to press “Download Key Pair” and make sure you saved it at a place where u can find it again!
  12. After you did that press “Launch Instances” & after that “View Instances”
  13. Now click on your server, and press “Connect”
  14. Press on “Get Password” and upload your .pem file.
  15. Now you click on Decrypt Password. And you can connect with your remote desktop control.


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