Hackers stole data from Chinese social media monitoring firms

The hackers sent presentations, Word documents and 40 GB of files to journalists, which allegedly belong to three companies.

The hacker group CCP Unmasked reported hacking into three Chinese companies that monitor and supervise social media. Writes about this edition of Motherboard.

Also, The hackers reached out to reporters by submitting a “large volume of files,” which they said exposed entire. Social media monitoring and disinformation campaigns conducted by three private firms at the behest of the Chinese government. According to CCP Unmasked, they stole internal documents from Knowlesys. (based in Hong Kong and Guangdong), Yunrun Big Data Service (based in Guangzhou) and OneSight (based in Beijing).

Though, One of Knowlesys’ stolen files is a presentation marked “confidential”. In it, the company demonstrates a product called the Intelligence Center. Reports “close cooperation with the intelligence services for 8 years” and that its clients are intelligence services. Security services, military and police.

The presentation shows a system supposedly capable of monitoring all kinds of websites and social networks. Such as Facebook, Twitter and WeChat, for terrorists and “anti-government groups”. Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China, so the presentation is most likely targeted at foreign governments.

The hackers sent presentations, Word documents and 40 GB of files to reporters, which they claim belonged to these companies. The hackers also started posting some files to their Twitter account, but the social network administration soon blocked their account.

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