[hf leak] make shitload of money with e-whoring $55 per day minimum

An e-book about e-whoring from HF that We grabbed awhile ago, feel free to try it out
We have no idea if its saturated or not js.


This method uses a form of e-whoring, is very blackhat, completely unethical and does take a small investment at first however it can easily
make you a shitload of money. That’s why we’re sharing it here with you…
First of all we are going to need to sign up as an affiliate on a good adult dating site.
Some are crap and shave alot and some are legit so make sure you use one that won’t steal your money!
After you sign up you will need to create a either a “Pay Per Sale” or a “Rev Share” affiliate link.

After you create your affiliate link create a **shortURL** for it as well (not allowed or x.co are a couple popular ones you could use).
Next what we are going to do here is find a different dating site, and create the same female profile on it.
You also may need to buy a premium membership for that site (usually $20 – $30 per month).

However there are some free ones you can use too. If you end up buying a paid account, you might want to use a prepaid card to buy it
so you don’t have to worry about recurring charges. Dating sites make it a pain in the ass to cancel a membership.
After you have your new account on the different dating site you are going to want to find some pictures of a cute girl to use for your
profile and upload them. You’ll also want to find some nude or topless pictures of her to add to her private pictures section.
You can find pics like this on porn forums fairly easily. Here is one you can try if you want;



Just make sure you use the same girl for all your pics. Next fill out the entire profile with believable information for her.
Also go ahead and make the same profile for that girl on the dating site on your affiliate account on (you’ll see why you need this later on in the method)…
After you have the profile filled out on the different dating site and some pictures uploaded, you will start getting messages,
flirts and private picture requests from all the horny guys on the site. Here is where you will need to do a little e-whoring.
Grant all private picture requests and make sure you message back and flirt with every guy that contacts you. You want each one to think you
are seriously into him and want to get to know him better. This will keep you really busy for a day or two but don’t worry, this is where things start to get good.
We think the best way to explain the process to everyone is to just show an example


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