High Court of London filed class action suit against Marriott International

The lawsuit was filed by journalist Martin Bryant due to data leakage of millions of clients.

Hotel chain management company Marriott International has been class action sued for leaking data from millions of customers. The proceedings were initiated in London.

Earlier, the international hotel chain Marriott reported a data breach of 5.2 million of its customers. The leak is the second major security incident to affect Marriott in several years. During the attack, attackers stole the names and dates of birth of guests, their contact information. (email and postal addresses, telephone numbers). Information about gender, account numbers and balance, as well as information about preferred rooms and languages of communication.

Reporter Martin Bryant, represented by Hausfeld law firm, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the victims in England and Wales. Whose data became available due to reservations with the Starwood Hotels group, now a Marriott structure.
The class action lawsuit, which is automatically filed by all affected parties, with the exception of those who waived the claim. Alleges a violation of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
A Marriott spokesman said the company had no comment yet.

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