How to card Amazon Gift Cards Working Method!

Okay, so I have come to see that many people here aren’t sure on how to card Amazon Gift Cards. This tutorial will show you to card Amazon Gift Cards for an amount of $100 or more.

Note: The amount has to be $100, $200 or something of that sequence.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Gather an USA Credit Card which has minimum $100 in it.

2. Head over to and create an email with the First and Last name of the Credit Card holder.
Note: Hushmail keeps the IP of the email anonymous. So I prefer using emails from hushmail.

3. Get a Premium or Paid VPN. In this case, I use Cyberghost, and it is a paid version for 1 year.
Note: You can also use clean Socks of the same state as the credit card holder’s.

4. Connect to an USA Server from the VPN which has high anonymity.

5. Head on to and create an Account with the informaion that you have from the Credit Card details.

6. Now go under the Gift Cards tab and order Gift Cards of amount $100 or more, depending on the balance of your Credit Card.

7. You must make another email account with hotmail or gmail, or you can use your own email. You should add this email as the Receipent Email, that means you are sending the Gift Card to this email.
Note: I prefer making a new hotmail account for this, because I do not want to risk my identity using my real email.

8. Before sending, you must enter the Subject and Message so that the whole purchase seems to be legit.

9. In the subject, write something like this, “For my cute little nephew” and in the message write something like this, “Enjoy the gift, sorry that I couldn’t come to your house during your birthday.”

10. That’s it, we are done! You should receive an email shortly from Amazon with the Code to redeem your Gift Card.

Lets Try it Guys !

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