How to check bank logs without triggering security.

Too many reasons why you may want to check bank logs without triggering security.
you definitely will not want to kill log.
you want to use it for mobile deposit or ach.
waiting for micro deposits.
avoid security verification whatsover, skipping sms, email verification as well questions and answers.

For newbees checking bank logs, whether you are using same states and city socks most bank security will still detect you requesting for answer to security questions or sms or email verification just to be sure you are the owner of the account.

Quick easy tips is use a third party app like “Mint or you can use web browser as well, both works fine. wether you are checking logs from bank scanner is spammed logs it works same.
I will treat bank scanner on my next thread…….

* Signup with waveapps or any other good account management app using vpn or socks, unfortunate mint and few others spoils log now, so avoid mint

* fill in your details wether it matching account info or not it will still work fine without getting flagged.

* Login after singup

* wait for a couple of minutes then refresh browser or account tabs.

* Accounts details and transactions history will be available.

very good for those doing ach and M.d, so you can monitor micro deposits without getting flagged,

one time login.

Note: it works fine with both credit card logs as well as mortgage log and equity logs.

There are many apps and website like waveapps my choice.


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