How to get games on steam for free

Hello guys. We find this method on different forum, we tried that and we received my game for free. Its very simple.
Enjoy pleds

So, whats going on?

well, here https://www.reddit.c…reeGamesOnSteam are offered free steam game just for doing some things. Like visit page, join steam group, follow at twitter and etc.
Everyone can grab free game, Ofc you will not get new expensive games worth 60€ etc. but its realy 100% free and in my opinion for example 10€ game worth for several minutes effort. just dont be lazy.

things needed:

Steam account
Twitter Account
Youtube account
Some free minutes of your time

Thats all. Very simple as i said.

/edit. We recommending check that page 1x per day. Games are restocked, and they adding new titules and giveways.


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