How to get overwatch golden lootbox keys

Time to ruin somebody’s shop again.
This time we’ll be teaching EVERYONE how to get overwatch golden lootbox keys. All keys are usable on ps4, xbox one and pc!
These keys can be used on blizzard accounts to get at least one guaranteed legendary skin/emote.


Hey guys! This guide is fairly simple and can be repeated over and over just make sure to keep new tabs ready!

The guide exploits the twitch/amazon/blizzard promotion to get infinite (German) amazon 30 day prime trials.
Using these prime accounts we link them to twitch and get the overwatch codes, simple enough right?

Part One
Getting Your Twitch Account Ready

  • Before we get our prime account set up we need to go ahead and create a new twitch account and get everything ready.
  • Using the promotional (or any other twitch link) go ahead and make a new twitch using a disposable email.
  • Below are the links to the email generator and twitch promo.
  • Now go ahead and register on twitch using temp-mail and BS info.
  • Click sign up and you’ll need to authorize twitch prime loot.

Part Two
Getting the Amazon Prime Trial

  • In the bottom left of the pop up is “Change Sign-Up Country” this is crucial for the method.
  • Click it and press Germany or “Deutschland & Österreich” as it will say.
  • (Make sure you’ve signed out of any amazon accounts)
  • Minimize this tab and go to
  • Register a new account on this German amazon sight.
  • After registering go here:
  • Click start the trial and scroll down until you see:
  • “Eine neue Bankverbindung eingeben”

Part Three
The Secret Part

  • Go to…&for_country=de
  • Which is a site that fakes german banks.
  • Just scroll down and fill in the info, it’s pretty simple.
  • Translate the page if need be. One it’s all filled in press the big yellow button.
  • You’ll be redirected back to amazon and congratz! We’re almost done.
  • Now go back to the twitch promo: https://twitch.amazo…/loot/overwatch Change the country and press continue sign up or whatever it says
  • Press confirm in the bottom right.
  • Now go back to the promo link, make sure you’re signed it and click “Get Your Code” at the bottom. Boom!
  • Congratulations, feel free to rinse and repeat the method.


If it gives you a “try again later” error you need to turn a VPN on to a German location and clear your cookies.

You might get a “Enter your phone number” error but that’s fine.
When this happens we use a website called “textnow”

That website doesnt need any verification and lets you accept SMS.
Just click “add a mobile phone number” and then find any +1 country and sign up on

A thanks is appreciated, though not required.


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