How To Load Paypal Account Scam Method

1. Go to craig list and post your item and price it half of the market price to attract buyers. Make your advert on craiglist nice and simple

2. You will get emails or text from numerous people interested in buying your item.

3. You will tell them the item will be shipped to them and you accept paypal payment. Tell them you accept paypal because paypal protects both buyer and seller. They know you can not run with their money when they use paypal so they will accept to make payment with paypal.

4. Take the buyer’s paypal email address.

5. Log into your old and good paypal account and send an invoice for payment to the buyer’s paypal email address:

6. They buyer will pay and you will see the money instantly available in your paypal balance.

7. You can now withdraw the money into your account.

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