How to make proxy lists!

Hey yall have you ever wanted to be like the cool kids and make proxy lists, or just make some lists for pentesting or cracking? well reply to unlock the content!!!

Well for making proxy lists for any of your needs you’re going to need a proxy scraper and a proxy checker. The proxy scraper scrapes the proxys off of the sources/websites that you provide (obv) Then the checkers check if they are alive or dead, elite, transparent, anonymous, etc. I have a multitool that is fast and provides a source list (Vproxy) If you want any different sources you can leech some from paste bin with (MorCrawler) or just go here (Alens proxy lists)

From there it’s pretty simple. Just press the buttons on the program like any other cracking program and you should be making lists. Once you’ve checked a list then press the “export” button make a file and upload it to pastebin. If you liked this TUT then appreciate it 

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