How to make your own bank logs

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Making your own bank logs with clean balance ready for transfer in few steps

you can make bank logs from scratch

Things you will need

* balance info to make check
* bank account you opened with fullz
* check template
* clean drop for cashout

* open bank account using fullz and reports, for more hints on bank account and how to create one, you can read my other threads
* Use balance info, input balance on check template ready for md. info’s must be accurate, routing, account number, address.
* download bank app for md
* make md to account opened
* wait few hours for balance to reflect, some balance credit a portion immediately to your account and rest balance after check clears.

Transfer available clean balance.

You can contact for balance info without online access to make your own checks for md or read my other threads
you can also contact me for other info’s, sell clean drops with online access and email access, phone and every infos to make clean logs and balance.

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