How to obtain credit and calling card numbers the easy way!

Being in the business of surveillance, I have discovered many tricks over the years to find people. Some of these tricks can be worked in reverse, for say “other” means.

I am not in any way encouraging criminal activity but provide this information merely as a tutorial regarding security–your security and how you can maintain it.

I have had several friends who were in the lucrative business of supplying credit card numbers to counterfeiters. Some of these counterfieters can make a visa card that looks so good you would not believe that it is a fake. Supplying the credit card numbers is a safer end of the business. Most of my then associates did things like, take temporary work at stores to get credit card numbers.

Some would find some young, lonely girl who worked in a retail store and “woo” her for the numbers. Still others used the tried at true method of “dumpster diving” behind banks and department stores for the carbons.

These days with new credit card policies you not only have to have the number but you also must have the address that the account is under to be able to charge things, especially “over the phone” type deals. So how do you hook up the numbers to the address and how can you get numbers using an easier method than diving in trash?

Well, I am about to give away one of my best kept secrets. Pay attention. When I was working on a divorce case, the wife of the mark hired me to follow her husband and find out what he was doing and who with. I could not pin anything on this guy as he was pretty slick.

I knew he was having an affair but none of the conventional methods were working and the lady needed proof quick. All I knew was that this guy would go to his boat a couple of times a week. Nice boat too! The kind you could live on comfortably. So I would follow him down to the marina where it was docked and sit in this nearby coffee shop and just watch. I never saw anything.

This went on for weeks and in a moment of frustration I was having beers with a buddy of mine and he asked me if he had a radio on the boat. I told him of course. Probably. Who wouldn’t? Then he asked me if this guy had a phone on board and I told him as far as I knew boats didn’t have phones.

My pal smiled at me and quietly sipped his beer and told me to go to Radio Shack and buy a MARINE SCANNER. I thought to myself, why the hell would I want that? He refused to tell me why but told me to do it and to find the marine office’s radio frequency. I did all this. The scanner cost me $79.00 but was well worth it!!

Let me tell you. With a little bamboozling, I got the marine office to tell me the frequency they use to communicate with the boats in the marina. I told them I was having radio trouble and if they could help me out. They did. I tuned the scanner to the marina’s frequency and sat in the coffee shop with an earplug in my ear and a writing tablet on the table.

To the rest of the world I looked like a guy who was scribbling some notes and listening to a ball game on a pocket radio. In reality I was listening to conversations the mark was having with a sex service.

See, to make a phone call from a boat you have to call the marine office and they have to patch your call thru for you. They are not going to accept the charges for YOUR call so generally they ask you how you want to pay? With credit card or calling card. The guy on the boat gives the dispatch marine office his credit card to place the call or the calling card number, either way you get all the info.

Bingo! I had my mark dead cold and I learned something new to boot! I sat back that day and listened to several people making phone calls from their boats. It was amazing the amount of info you can get! Some marina’s have a link line so that once they patch you thru you can dial in your own calling card number but as long as you have a DTMF tone decoder you can easily decode the tones to numbers and get the goods.

When comparing notes with some other friends I also learned that tow-truck companies accept credit cards also. So I experimented and found out the frequency of a local tow truck company and I listened for awhile. You would be surprised at how many people get their cars towed and pay with credit cards! They have to have the billing address and account info to process the tow forms so if you listen closely you can get all of that easily!

Many places are now encoding their transmissions to prevent eavesdropping but there are several that are still “fair game”. You just have to do a bit of research and find out. Remember cab companies accept credit cards for their fares now. Limo services must verify any credit information before picking up the parties they will drive. Those are easy frequencies to “hock”.

If you have access to a scanner of this type then experiment with it and you will see for yourself. The information is out there, it is just a matter of getting it. Even if the transmissions are coded there are several ways of decoding the the signal to get the hidden information within.

How about converting an old tv set to a Tempest type of unit. I have seen small ads placed in computer magazines like Byte, where for a few dollars you can get the plans to build a small tempest type of set-up. For those of you not in the know a Tempest device can read a computer screen. Meaning, if I have this device and I am outside your home and you are inside on your computer, I can see exactly what you type. Passwords, access codes–everything!!!

How hard would it be to make a small Tempest unit out of an old tv set and sit outside your friendly video store? Generally speaking when you rent a movie and they bring your account up on the screen your credit info is there also because you usually need a credit card to open a video account. If joe blow is at the check out stand with his movies and the customer help pulls his rental account up on the computer, you could easily get all that data. If you were really smart you would hook up a vcr to the tv and just record the transactions for the day and get maybe hundereds of credit card numbers

Now of course the easiest way to protect yourself from these types of measures is to deal direct with whoever you are getting services from. Call nothing in if at all possible. Don’t use your credit card unless absolutely necessary and then get the carbons and if you do not feel comfortable with an exchange, don’t be afraid to request to see the manager and tell them your concerns. You would be surprised how a quick “chat” with the manager would go a long way to protecting you.

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