How To obtain steam keys and farm cards automatically – level up steam account

Part 1, obtaining Steam keys:

1. Go to
2. Sign in through Steam.
3. Complete a free task to get coins or buy case keys and trade them in for coins. (Keys are dirt cheap, one $2.50 key will give 150 coins which is enough for roughly 15 games)
4. Sort by price and buy the cheapest games you can and as many as possible. (Don’t buy the DLC’s as i believe you need the game first)
5. Redeem the keys on Steam: Add game > activate product > enter product key

Part 2, farming cards from games:

1. Install redeemed games on account.
2. Download the .zip.…tended/releases (Idle master extended because it’s the fastest and not extended version is discontinued.)
3. Sign in with Steam account. (Its safe.)
4. Wait until all games are finished.
5. Done.

Please Don’t Leech


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