Before Starting the Social Engineering :

  • Log in to Amazon
  • Click ‘Help’
  • Scroll down to ‘Need more Help?’
  • Click ‘What can we Help you with’ and select the Order you want refunded
  • Click Start Chatting.

An Amazon Rep will ask you to confirm the name or Order number and after that you can begin your SEing


  • Say that you opened the Box and it was completely empty except for an Order Invoice
  • If the Rep asks you if the box had been tampered with etc. – Say No.
  • MAKE THE REP FEEL SORRY FOR YOU – say it was a Birthday gift, Anniversary Present; be creative – Express your disappointment.

They will offer you a Refund/Replacement; if you want the Balance to your Amazon Gift card Balance – then Specify that you lost your CC and had to get a new one; for this Reason the Rep will transfer the Refunded amount to the Gift Card balance.

Method 2: CALLING

  • Instead of clicking ‘Start Chatting’; click ‘Call Us’ instead
  • You will be Connected to someone from Amazon; you do not need to say anything but listen for their NAME
  • As soon as you have that, Hang up and click ‘Start Chatting’
  • Make up a Story: Something like you were just on the phone with an Amazon Rep Called ______ regarding an issue with an order; they agreed to the Refund but the line got disconnected. Emphasise that you would like to resume that conversation and the process of Refund on Chat.
  • Amazon Rep will offer you a Refund/ Replacement


  • Wait ATLEAST 2 weeks in between Refunds
  • Try to switch up accounts between Refunds
  • New accounts should have your Address slightly adjusted; see my other threads for more information on how to avoid Blacklist
  • Don’t have too many items on 1 order; its best to have 1 medium/large Parcel rather than Multiple Parcels – Story of DNA is more believable.
  • If an Amazon Rep says they want to Start an Investigation – See my Thread on how to Bypass this. This will cancel the Investigation and you can Start the process over without having the order locked because of the Investigation.
  • Be Confident – When chatting/calling ensure you really get across how angry/upset/disappointed you are; makes the SE more likely to be successful/believable – Don’t just use these Methods over and over but create new Scenarios which are less Saturated and more likely to guarantee success.

Good Luck

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