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Shutdown all the school computers.

Hello HF,

this is a awesome Method to shutdown all Computers at school, libary ….etc.  and we wanna share it with u HF 

This method only works if you are Sharing connection with other computers . Like in the School , Library etc…

Step #1:
Lets start  so first of all Open CMD if the Admin Blocked it , then : Open Notepad and write:


Step #2:
save it as “whatever you want.bat”. (without quotes).

Step #3:
Excute it !

Step #3:
Once CMD Opened :
#1 Type “@echo Off” And press Enter. (without quotes).

#2 then CLS.

#3 to see if there are others in the same Server or not type :
“netstat” and press Enter. (without quotes).

#4 So as you can see, where mine says idex, that is the name of my computer, so if your in a school, you and everyone else should have a similar name (this is not vital).

Step #4:
Type one more time “CLS” to clean the screen. (without quotes).

Step #5:

type “shutdown -i” and press enter .
this should appear :

Step #6:
you can then edit the setting of what you want the computer to do.
to add the comps you want to shut down, click add and manually enter the computer names, most comps will have the name printed on them, or if you know the ip this will also work.

If you don’t know them, then press Browse and find the computer name, and then shutdown it or do whatever you want to it

enjoy it

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