Infinite Amazon Money Method

What you are going to need:
1. eBay Account.
2. PayPal with around $2-$3
3. Random Name Generator Details

Note: the reason you do not need an Amazon account prior to the method is because one will be created whilst carrying out the method.

  • Step 1. Head on over to, and make your way to the ‘trade-in’s’ page. Link:
  • Step 2. On the Search Box below, select the Category as Electronics, and on the box next to it, type any electronics name, for e.g: Apple iPad.
  • Step 3. Once you’re on the electronics page, try and find an item between $300 and $400, $350 being the golden amount. Once you have found your item click on the ‘Trade In’ button. Now, for account creation!
  • Step 4. You will now be asked to register/login in to Amazon. This is where we will be creating our account, so click register and head on down to Step 5.
  • Step 5. Use fake details from to register an account. Make sure the fake address is from the USA. Also, be sure to save your generated details in a notepad document, I can guarantee you will need them later.
  • Step 6. Select ‘Like New’ on the page and then click on continue.
  • Step 7. On the ‘Select a Shipping Method’ , select the ‘Carrier of Choice’
  • Step 8. On the ‘Enter and Address’ fields, enter the details that you Infinite Amazon Money generated using
  • Step 10. On the next page, that says ‘Select a Return Option’, select the ‘Do not return the item’ option
  • Step 11. Click on ‘Submit your Trade In’ and you are almost done.
  • Step 12. Now go to and find a product that is about $2 or $3. Use the address given by Amazon as the shipping address, and buy the product from eBay. Once you have purchased the product from eBay, now you will get tracking number that will show that your product has been delivered to Amazon’s address!

Now we must unfortunately play the waiting game.

Note: For this step, I personally used the chat option, if you believe you are charismatic enough to use the call option, use it by all means, but we have found chat to be most effective

  • Wait until the status of your eBay product is delivered and contact amazon either by chat or call, this is done by following the contact links on their website.
  • They will ask you for the tracking number, just provide it to them, they will tell you that the item has either not been received, or it has not been processed.
  • They will then ask you to wait a little while to allow them to receive/process the item.
  • After a week get on to chat or call again, say the same thing, and mention how frustrated you are that you haven’t received the Gift Card yet, they will ask for the tracking number again.
  • They will now tell you that they are very sorry about the issue, and they will ask you to wait a month since the day you have originally submitted your trade-in, and if you still don’t get the gift card by then, you will be given a promotional credit for the same amount.
  • Act stupid, pretend you don’t know what Promotional Certificate is, and ask them what it is, and how does it differ from a Gift Card.
  • Now after waiting for one month to end, contact Amazon and tell them about it, furiously of course.
  • They will review your case once more, and will issue the Promotional Certificate to your account as promised.

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