> A account with a JavaScript Monero Miner
> URI Encoder
> A site to implement the code or mine on your device

CoinHive is a JavaScript Monero Miner that uses CPU resources of your visitors to mine monero crypto currency. Many people online have switch from showing advertising to this method because it works. While the visitor is browsing your site, your are mining…

The problem is that CoinHive can work in the background without the user consent and for that reason many security solutions start blocking access to the miner. A good news last month was that there were other sites that mine monero with JavaScript without user consent and because they where unknown to the general public they were working just fine.

Today, some of those sites are now blocked like CoinHive.

The solution to make CoinHive or any JavaScript Monero Miner undetected and still working in the background without user consent is view source of the JavaScript library.

Copy the javascript code to a program called “URI Encoder”, select Data Format – JavaScript and encode the library.

Now get the JavaScript code from CoinHive and replace the library address

To the link generated in “URI Encoder”

Publish the code on your site or open in your browser and you will not receive any alert and the page will mine monero once againYou must log in or register to reply here.

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