Method To Access Any Cracked AMAZON ACCOUNT !!!!

  • We will be teaching you how to access any cracked amazon account and keep it alive.First off you will need a cracked amazon accounts. only way to crack them is through mail
  • access checkers such as woxy
  • after that is done, log into mail using thunderbird mail client by mozilla
  • dl link:
  • next, add mail and allow it for a couple minutes to download mail
  • now head to and request a password reset
  • after that enter OTP and delete that mail so owner doesnt find out
  • next off, there will be a security question
  • possible questions: what is your zip code? what is your zip of your credit card ending in XXXX? what is your full name on account?
  • what is your phone number? what is your expiry date for cc ending in XXXX?
  • all those questions are easy to answer
  • for zip code, search one of these terms in thunderbird “order” “ship” “shipping” “bill”
  • “address” “order” (without ” “)
    scroll through the email and you will find address on a previous order. click it and copy that zip code.
    for name + phone number questions do the same thing and you will find it.
    for expiry cc, do the same steps but this time you might need to reset password for the website to access order and find cc expiry.
    also here is a list of sites with cc expiry: microsoft, gucci, geicko, wish, etsy.
  • after you solve the question add new pass
    and then you need to age the account so changes dont get reversed
  • first off change email to a new email.
  • if owner’s email is make a new email
  • after you change it, delete all emails on owner’s account. and let it set for 2-3 days (act normal)
  • browse a little and its officially yours. you can refund orders or use for points 

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