MMORPG carding

So, all it about games and game stuff.

1. MMORPG-Store’s AntiFraud & Defence System. So elementary ways of such shops protection are:
– IP-address must be from the same state, better – city;
– Area code in entered phone must be from the same state;
– You’ll be invited to live chat and asked for some questions;
– If you’re looking nor trusted in first three steps, may be call requested;

2. About games themselves. You should know that many of game-masters don’t like that game currencies are selling for real money.
So be ready that in one beautiful day you can see message like “Your account is banned. Reason is hacker, scammer, fraudulent etc”. So you’re under the risk when you save on account at the age of a week big amounts of game currencies. So don’t be lazy and enter periodically on the account and make visibility that you’re real gamer and you like to play. And don’t forget that if you card the currencies – there could be chargeback. And of course after it your accout will e blocked anyway.

3. What you need for work.
– good proxy-service of course with enough value of socks4/5 located in needed states/cities;
– credit card or better paypal or more better more than one paypal – needed to be explained? I think not;
– e-mail. It’s better don’t use e-mails like 238jerom32 Don’t be lazy to search for some nicer addresses: something like MMORPG-KING @INORBIT.COM или SPACEWARRIOR @GAMER.LA ( – hundreds of free domains) или

4. About shops and their owners. Most of popular MMORPG supermarkets belong to small yellow-skin people with proud of that there are 1 000 000 000 of such people on the Earth. Second place take Americans and the third place take nobody but it’s possible to put there people from ex-USSR. And what interesting that last people don’t like to serve people from their countries and they mainly targeted on USA and EU customers.

So that’s the list of things you will need:
a. Socks-service. Almost everyone knows where to find it.
b. VPN with good encryption.
c. Software:
– Permeo Security Driver, Socks Chain, FreeCAP and Other Analog
– Soft which changes OS Language,OS Regional Settings & Time Zone,Date. Browser Type & Language.
– Trusted track-eracer removing all info without recovering possible: CyberScrub,Ashampoo ,TICEraser,ACRONIS Privacy Suite and other analog)
d. AIM Messenger,Yahoo Messenger for possible contact with shop’s support.

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