Netwalker ransomware attacked Pakistan’s largest energy supplier

On September 7, the K-Electric company was subjected to a cyberattack, which led to the failure of billing and online services.

Pakistan’s largest private energy company, K-Electric, has fallen victim to the ransomware Netwalker. According to the resource Bleeping Computer, on September 7, the supplier was subjected to a cyberattack. Which led to the failure of the billing and online services of K-Electric.

According to sources, the incident affected the company’s internal services, but, apparently, did not affect the supply of electricity. According to data on the group’s website on the darknet, the attackers are demanding a ransom of $ 3.85 million. If the company does not pay the money within seven days, the amount will be doubled to $ 7.7 million. The ransomware also claims to have stolen the company’s unencrypted files. However the website does not provide information on the volume and nature of the stolen documents.

The Netwalker group has been carrying out attacks since last summer; in March 2020, ransomware began hiring professional hackers and concentrated on corporate networks. According to experts, in five months the group earned about $ 25 million. One of the last victims of Netwalker was Argentine National Directorate of Migration. Due to the actions of malefactors, the border checkpoints in the country were disrupted for four hours.

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