NEW Snapchat method 1k+ views in a day!

Before we start, Yes this is the “Yellow” technique. We will clarify what it is and how to mishandle it. We’ve gotten 4k sees in around 2 days of manhandling previously.

First Yellow is an app that is like a Snapchat tinder. You swipe to either potentially match with them or choose not to. If you match you have the choice to add them on Snapchat. Which in this case they’ll add you since you’re the female.

Now all you really have to do is download the app and you have to get through the phone verification. This is a must! There’s no way around it. After that is done, fill out your profile. This includes adding your Snapchat, Instagram (if you have one), and add the 5 emojis. Then go to your media and add a couple of pictures, and a video if you have one. (None of which being nudes and such). Updated: A suggestion is to put “amos”/”amosc” (Add me on snap/snapchat) in your name. So they’ll know to add you, if they don’t know already. Also We’d avoid going below the age of 18 when filling out your profile, as you’ll end up getting kids adding you.


In your settings make sure to change the “Talk to ?” to “Boys”, if you’re ewhoring. Also if you want to target your country first, change the “Where ?” to “My country first”. Don’t forget to disable “Let my friends find me using my number” in case you’re using your personal number too.

After this is done you can start gaining adds, either by manually swiping or automating it. We manually swiped up to 2k views and switched to auto once we re-visited the method. The way you can automate this is either by having a jailbroken/rooted phone. And download a macro app or get an emulator with a built in macro recorder (MEmu or Nox). We used MEmu before, because We were macroing multiple accounts at a time.


When making the macro make sure to have it where if you get matched it’ll click outside there picture. This prevents you getting stuck when getting matches. Also don’t forget to make the macro close and reopen the app. The reason for this is that the app crashes VERY easily especially when abused. Updated: In the start of swiping, you’ll be asked to rate the app once We recall. We don’t know for sure, but We’d suggest clicking no and move on as it shouldn’t pop up again if possible. Also the app will sometimes have 15 second pauses now and ask you to invite friends. No way to avoid this unless closing and reopening the app as stated before. So a suggestion is to make it where it swipes 20-30 times then reopen.

Update: Regarding the new update Yellow has gotten, just make your yellow username the same as your Snapchat.

If you do all of these steps right, you can easily gain 1k+ views in a day. Also yes if you’re a good-looking dude you can also use this for your personal Snapchat, we’ve done it before .

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