Unlimited google adwords coupons method

Portugal Adword Account (create it with VPN)

1. Go to https://controlpanel…gistration.html – Don’t change language
(“Faça o Login com o seu email”)

2. Create a account with your email

3. Use a random number, for example 91xxxxxxxx
This step doesn’t matter, you just need to create an account, not confirm it.

4. Go to
http://adwords.amenw…pon.php?u=email here
Just replace “email here” with your email.

5. You will receive the coupon in your email.
(The success message is “O seu Código Promocional Google AdWords foi enviado para o seu email.”)

6. Repeat and just add a dot in your email, and make it like “bla.bla@gmail.com”

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