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Removing windows restrictions = ability to do ANYTHING

// I’m only doing this for the sake of boredom.

Well lets start. This thread I will mostly be looking at : Removing Raw socket restrictions.
We are going to basically looking at undoing restrictions which windows has placed! this leaves the ability to do almost anything, Run cheats as system user, completely break the cock rings of windows! and What we’re targeting right now is ip address spoofing, and the ability to send RAW packets. Which windows have removed the ability for us to do except read them!

There are 3 ways of doing but I’ll be covering one today!
Modifying WDK to enable raw sends!
if ((pIrp->RequestorMode == UserMode) &&
pOpenContext->CurrentAddress, NPROT_MAC_ADDR_LEN))
DEBUGP(DL_WARN, (“Write: Failing with invalid Source address”));

This is the check that prevents applications from sending packets with spoofed mac addresses.
This is useful as well, for privacy purposes which I’m only covering for the sake of being the first one to do this *on this forum because nobody here has talked about it or even brought this up. Commenting out this code removes the check we talked about
note: the DDK provides the NDIS driver. Don’t worry I’ll link the driver already compiled.

The beauty of this is you can CHANGE anything, your computer won’t even have an address since we’re working on layer 2.

Installation of the NDIS driver:
by opening your network adapter properties and clicking the “Install” button, selecting “Protocol”, and then choosing “Have Disk”. Then browse to the .inf file and click “OK”. This will then load the driver onto every adapter that you have in your system.
Important – Make sure that it is enabled, there should be a check in the box next to “Raw Packet NDIS Protocol Driver”.
Important – Open a command prompt and type “net start ndisprot” to start the driver service.

This is mainly for removing networking restrictions, but you get the idea.

There are a lot of NDIS driver interfaces you can get from the internet!
Download for the driver

Post if you need help with anything. Windows isn’t as bad as people portray it to be. I do not recommend removing the restrictions windows have made, this is done for educational purposes only. There is no need for using Linux, Simplicity != bad. Well since freedom is now a thing in Windows as well, you can even nop the updates now hell even spoof your windows ‘latest update’ and confuse the fuck out of the support. The only advantage linux had is now a right for both windows and linux users.

Windows > Linux. Please post in the comments attempting to defend linux I’d love to talk.

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