Shop online in usa without drop and have goods shipped to you

Some people probably know this already, but here is a little guide for those who don’t you can buy from USA online stores and have your goods delivered to a us address which then forwards your goods to the destination country of choice.

Go to – – Top Rated Package and Mail Forwarding

Register for an account with a virtual credit card this is where you register to tell them where you want your goods to be forwarded to after it gets delivered to the issued drop address.

They will issue a address where the goods will be sent when you shop online.

Shop online and the goods will be delivered to this address it wont be a PO box I’ve never come across one in my experience.

Once the goods get delivered don’t delay in shipping the goods do it as soon as possible even the same day,

Pay shipping fees with virtual credit card.

Reason for this is if online shop gets in touch with – – Top Rated Package and Mail Forwarding then the account gets suspended.

Once account is closed just register again with another name.

For forwarding mail in Europe go to

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