Advanced Carding Masterclass – UNIVERSAL



We will give these for this class as a component of our mentorship:

  • 1 X RDP ( You will connect with Anydesk, no Team viewer don’t ask)
  • 3 X CC’s
  • Socks



Advance Carding Masterclass, Our time is valuable, it’s more valuable than yours in light of the fact that since we are now occupied with such everyday works so prior to purchasing a mentorship class we need our students to be, to some degree acquainted with carding terms assuming you have effectively had a go at carding but probably failed that is the ideal position, in a perfect world, we need every one of our students to be in such position prior to buying this course.

We will Card 3 items with the three Credit cards

  • 1 X E-Gift Card
  • 2 X Physical Items

You will have the choices to keep 1 out of the 3 Carding in 2022 isn’t what it used to be back in 2019 and underneath, a few degree of smart thinking and generally most persistence is expected for carding effectively on the off chance that you rush, you will kill the card and wind up burning through your experience as you should begin without any preparation once more.

NOTE: If you’re a beginner don’t buy this mentorship bundle, we suggest you initially get to know carding fundamentals, there are some blog articles on our site that you can read to get some degree of essential understanding. Advance Carding Masterclass.


We will give these for this class as a component of our mentorship:

  • 1 X RDP ( You will connect with Anydesk, no Team viewer don’t ask)
  • 3 X CC’s
  • Socks

You have to own premium VPN like VYPR installed and run-on your machine before connecting to our RDP Via Anydesk.


In this class, We will card

2 X Physical items such as Airpods Pro or anything Under Iphone X.

1 X Gift card Store

You may choose to receive the physical items or gift card worth $200, if you decide to keep physical items you will need your own drop, do not ask us to help you with a drop. You can also buy drops from our store.

If you have any questions please Contact Us after placing your order.


After you buy this mentorship we will add you in our skype for the desktop to desktop communication, in the event that you don’t have skype if it’s not too much trouble, download it. It’s extremely simple to set up skype very quickly.

Then We will arrange a time with you, we will give you 1 hour the first day and 30 Minutes thereafter every single day for the next 6 days.

This class will last for a total of 4Hours


  • When you start the class it will keep going for the following 7 days, The first day we will allow you 1 hour nd then, at that point, conclude the ideal time for the other 30 minutes classes for the following 6 days.
  • Assuming you miss any day you will miss out that day, those 30 minutes won’t be recounted.
  • We will just give the things to our first class, you are free to purchase additional cards from our shop and set what you have realized up as a regular occurrence.
  • Assuming you choose to get an actual item, for example, Airpods Pro or Iphone X from the 3 things we card the first day, we may be answerable for a successful shipped order, we won’t be responsible on the off chance that your order is shipped back because of an wrong drop address.
  • We will give you the limitless admittance to our RDP for a multi day stretch after the finish of the class to empower you practice all alone.
  • We will give you admittance to a sum of 10 SOCKS



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