Dropbox22 Multi Email phishing Page (Popup)


Dropbox22 Multi Email (Popup) Scam Page or Script
Multi Email Scam Page: You may be found many ways online to crack user credentials. But most of them are fake, useless, and a waste of time.

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Dropbox22 Multi Email phishing Page (Popup)

Multi Email Scam Page | Dropbox22 Multi Email phishing Page (Popup)

Dropbox22 Multi Email (Popup) Scam Page or Script Price is $120
Multi Email Scam Page: You may be found many ways online to crack user credentials. But most of them are fake, useless, a waste of time. Don’t Worry! Our company has brought its solution,
Our Multi Email (Popup) phishing script allows you to crack the Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office, Aol & Other users’ credentials.

Procedure: Dropbox22 Multi Email phishing page has an algorithm system that is login auto (Popup on new window) uses a single login mechanism where they (users/victims) input their email address and password. (In the meantime automatically store the victim’s credentials into the desired database) When a user enters their email and password upon capture. They are redirected to either the original site or the desired URL of choice. (or a PDF file)

Anti-bot System: Multi Email Phishing Page is fully undetected from antivirus and it has anti-bot block robots that prevent getting a block from a search engine or page getting flagged by phishing so soon.


What is a Phishing Page?

Scampage or Scam Pages refer to phishing pages or scam websites. These websites are designed by hustlers to get personal information from victims.  By impersonating genuine websites, it is carried out by tricking victims into providing important information. Once completed, you will receive an email containing all the information supplied, which you can then use to any form of carding.

How Do Phishing pages Work?

Phishing page can be used for a number of carding and hacking jobs. Phishing page is capable of accessing email addresses, getting SSNs, and breaking into online financial platforms.

Like the DHL duplicate at the top of this page, replica pages are typically made by hackers. They’ll then alter it to add a mail-out feature.


Major types of Spam Pages

  1. Phishing emails
  2. Email spoofing
    • A request for payment of an outstanding invoice
    • A request to reset your password or verify your account
    • Verification of purchases you didn’t make
    • Request for updated billing information
  3. Tech support scams
  4. Current event scams
  5. Advance-fee scams
  6. Malspam
  7. Spam calls and spam texts


We are providing various platforms for scam pages. If you need another scam page then take a look at  our store. Here is the Dropbox22Multi Email scam page. Our Dropbox22 Multi Email scam page works smoothly and has not a single bug.

Contact for Further Information Our Experts Team is Available (24/7hrs) to Assist You! The dropbox-22 Multi Email phishing Page is fully working and if not, contact the admin via ICQ or any chat platform.


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