The best method In order To Be Safe always

The right way to be really safe today

I. Ur Computer

one particular ) Use truecrypt.
one particular. 2 Use tryecrypt with 2 systems ( one particular Clean & 1 for Work ) ( Apache & Windows )
2. Use ur own VPN ( not purchased ) just google “how placed up openvpn server” on ur OS type.
2. 1 Have a dedicated hardware, install truecrypt, create a container, mount it. ONLY inside this box install ur server, important factors etc
2. 2 Allways protect ur VPN IP address. Do not use ur vpn for carding or any type of other illegitimate activities. Work with socks for that or buy other vpn.
3. Install VMWare or similar on ur computer ( work system )
3. 1 Create a few virtual machines ( I actually recommend u to produce different OS on each machine. So U can place multiple orders or du multiple thinks same time)
3. 3 Inside this VMware u must have a brand new VPN ( can be from any VPN provider.. but long as u made ur first VPN. U can make a new one on a hacked linux…. )
3. 4 USE stockings behind ur second VPN in ur VMware machine ( to protect 3rd there’s r VPN IP. And have the ip address from the region u need )

II. Ur On the net Operate

1. Never get VPN from a service provider and hook up from your home address there. ( Trust No one )
2. Never TOP UP ur Phone with lost $.
3. Never buy FAKE id`s online.
4. Never share ur real name or location with ur online partners.
5. Never talk by mobile phone with ur partners.
a few. Never use facebook, yahoo, yahoo, etc from the same computer or ip address where u do illegitimate activities. NOT ACTUALLY VMWare, use different one.
7. Never share your photo, id, real name…. do not be silly.

III. Obtaining the $$$

one particular. Only use LR, WM.
2. Create multiple documents and send money from on to other some time.. ( couple days and nights ).
3. Find a good exchanger.
4. Make an effort to get a savings account that is not in 3rd there’s r name ( or any of ur friends hahaha, just buy one) and send all ur ecurrency here.

IV. Trusting.

Trust NO ONE. NOT even u when u consumed!
So keep ur mounth closed and there should be no problem.

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