The newbies handbook! + hackers manifesto

We are not responsible for any of the information in this document, if it is used for any other purpose than educational reading. Some of the information on this page can be used illegally if the reader does not act
responsible. The reader is responsible for his own actions.
You can copy anything from this file to any other file as long as you quote, don’t change it up, and give us the proper credit…like:


When We got into hacking, we realized that there wasn’t many text files for
newbies. so, we decided to write one. we don’t really care about misspelled words or puntuation so, please ignore the mistakes. In this document we will refer you to other documents a lot. (because why should we waste our time rewriting something that has already been written?) If at anytime while reading this document you ask yourself “So…How do I hack?”, then go away now and save yourself the frustration because you’ll never learn. To hack you must understand everything about a system, and then you can get ideas and try them out.

We tried to keep this file as short as possible, when you read this you
should just get an idea about how to hack and why we hack. If you read this document and the files that We have listed, you should have a good idea on what to do, how to do it, and why. Remember every ‘project’ is different. You have to use your brain and adjust to each different one.

There are a few things you need to have to be a hacker/phreaker.
‘puter – computer (duh)

terminal software – a program like, hyper terminal or ordinary terminal that allows you to dial out to another system.

blue box – (exerpted from 2600faq)Blue boxes use a 2600hz tone to size
control of telephone switches that use in-band signalling. The caller may then access special switch functions, with the usual purpose of making free long distance phone calls, using the tones provided by the Blue Box.

scanner – a scanner is a program that dials out every number in your area and listens for tones that are coming from other modems. (helps you locate your local targets) a good scanner is Toneloc. Find it!
Fone (phone) line – We hope you know what this is…
It also helps to know a computer language ex: C, C++ ect.
Info resources: We don’t know many good boards anymore because almost all of their sysops (system operators) have been busted. But We suggest you get a server that
uses netscape and get unlimited access to the www(World wide web). And visit these good homepages by entering their name in the webcrawler search engine (

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