NEW – The police tracked down the second possible organizer of the Twitter hack

The 16-year-old allegedly coordinated the Twitter attack with 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark.

On September 1, the FBI raided the home of a 16-year-old young man who may have played a key role in. The hacking of celebrity Twitter accounts on July 15, The New York Times reported.

Investigations revealed that he may have impersonated a Twitter employee or contractor in. Order to trick users into entering their login credentials to fake websites and take control of the accounts.

The teen coordinated the attack on Twitter with 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark(Graham Ivan Clark). While Clarke is discovered through his Discord chat recordings. The unnamed teen was using encrypted messaging systems such as Signal and Wire. Making it difficult for investigators to identify him.

The young man may be the fourth accused after an investigation by the FBI, the IRS, the US Secret Service and local authorities. The arrest of Clarke is on July 31 on charges of 30 serious crimes. In addition, federal prosecutors have filed charges against 19-year-old British resident Mason John Sheppard and 22-year-old Florida resident Nima Fazeli.

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