Tips For Carding

since theres not a lot of help out there

  • Try to get info in your state/general area. Sites will be suspicious if a person from NY is shopping in TX. Not impossible but why bring any attention to yourself?
  • Get fast shipping or digital goods! Why has no one mentioned Gazelle? they have 1 day shipping and i used it all the time, works great (might have to have same location as ip for them now because of the damage i did). On Poshmark (another cardable no one mentions) its all about contacting the buyer beforehand and making sure theyll ship out ASAP. I always accept my order when the tracking info shows my item has reached my state just to be sure they get paid.
  • By digital goods i mean downloadable items/gift cards.
  • If your “payment is not authorized” it means the bank is automatically blocking the transaction, find another way around it! If you’re trying to pay your phone bill directly, how about card target for a refill card? Xbox live? Card another site to get a redeem code instead.

im not a pro but ive been doing this as an amateur for a while paying way too much for the information i use and since i found this site ive cut my costs dramatically (60-70 down to 0.75-11) and i love you all

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