US Senate takes interest in the company that helped block the Internet in Belarus

The American organization Sandvine has given the Belarusian specialists innovation for sifting Deep Packet Inspection traffic.

The activities of the American company Sandvine, whose technologies were used by the Belarusian authorities. Last month to block access to thousands of websites, raised questions from the US Senate.

Sandvine’s documents and marketing materials shed light on the company’s operations in Belarus, Bloomberg reports. According to them, representatives of Sandvine met directly with officials in Belarus. And then sent their equipment through a contractor for installation in Minsk data centers.

For several days, using technology provided by the company to filter network traffic, Deep Packet Inspection. Belarusian authorities blocked access to social networks, news platforms. And messaging services used by protesters against the presidential election results.

In this regard, US Senator Dick Durbin urged the Treasury Department to investigate possible violations by. Sandvine of the sanctions imposed on Belarus by the US authorities.

It is worth noting that for more than ten years, American companies have been prohibited from providing financing. Goods and services to the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

During a conference call held by Sandvine on Thursday, September 10 to reassure employees about its work in Belarus. Management said Sandvine had been working with a government agency in the country for over a year. According to management, the company provided Belarus with technology to filter about 40% of all Internet. Traffic entering and leaving the country, which is not a violation of sanctions.

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