Western Union Full Explained Method‍

  • What you need:
    • -911 or RDP Same City
    • -Zip CC debit Classic/Buissness Card
    • -Pickuper
    • -Hold Account with international transaction.
  • How to run the move?
    • Connect to same city IP and make a transfer between 200-300$
    • Add the CC billing and make sure it is correct
      If they need ID put any ID details you have
    • Place your Order if you get Money On Its Way means you’re good.
    • We use Wells Fargo or PNC bank Debit BIN.
    • BIN 443041 443044
    • Buy your old Account and make sure it has a recent order
    • The CC Zip must a match the Account Zip not your drop Zip
    • So 1st you check the BIN zip then you check if an account is available for and you buy both .
    • If you get one with international transactions move the money to you Country
    • If you get Account with only USA transaction make a state to state move
      1st time you can hit 7000$

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